Schweinfurt Concert

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Schweinfurt Concert

Postby darkchild » August 21st, 2007, 7:16 am

Hello there,

:headbanger: just wanted to compliment Mr. Sadler and of course SAGA on their concert in the little town of Schweinfurt in Germany. I never heard of SAGA up until that day (being only 24 I kind of missed the band's peak... :ahhh: ) and I have to admit, that I didnt know what to expect. After all you dont get too many world class bands performing for free at a market square in some town out in the sticks. I was gob-smacked after the first song! Great live show and very, very talented artists! Playing several instruments myself, I certainly appreciate the effort and passion Mr. Sadler puts into music. So at the moment I am pretty stuck on SAGA and Mr. Sadler's solo work...
What really strikes me though is that Mr. Sadler looks almost like my fiance! Funnily enough he is half Welsh and in his 50ies... he has short hair now, but about 20 years ago used to have long curly hair and a moustache :drool: ...

Well anyhow, thanks for a great concert!

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