Michael, Met you backstage at LA Sports Arena 1983 or 84....

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Michael, Met you backstage at LA Sports Arena 1983 or 84....

Postby Tommy Naccarato » June 16th, 2007, 12:03 am

You guys opened up for Tull, and even though Tull, while always a great act (it was about my tenth time seeing them live) I was there for one act that night and I'm still thrilled by the great show you guys put on.

While I'm sure you've met 10 Million more fans since then, I want to thank you for the great 22+ years of enjoyment the band has given me. I still listen to my CD's regularly. This morning on my way to work, I was rocking out in the car and just thinking to myself how well the music has lasted, aged and stood the test of time. It's still fresh stuff!

While you and I talked about our affinity for Genesis, ELP, Gentle Giant and even Asia, and then you informed me of super group that unfortunately didn't happen, Cinema, it was so great to meet you, Jim, Ian and the rest of the guys. I still have your press packet too!

Good luck on your retirement. It is certainly well deserved and thankfully we'll all have Saga to listen to many years from now!
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