Thank you Mr. Sadler

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Thank you Mr. Sadler

Postby Mouse in a Maze » February 2nd, 2005, 4:15 pm

Dear Mr. Sadler,
this is not a real question, I just have the need to say thank you to you !
I wanted to thank you at the Fanmeeting in Beverungen, but I'm a very shy person.
So I'll do it this way.
- Thank you for giving my life a (musican) sense.
- Thank you for nearly 30 Years of high quality and honest music
- Thank you for the best live performences ever
- Thank you for still beeing on Tour
- Thank you for your wonderful Solo-Projects
- Thank you for beeing so loyal to your fans
- Thank you for signing my "Clear"-T-Shirt (..and when curtain falls too soon...)
- Thank you for your Xmas-mail
- Thank you for all those alltime classic hits ......
just thank you Mr. Sadler.
Hope to see you soon on tour,
yours respectfully Jens.
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