Michael is a very rich man! :)

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Michael is a very rich man! :)

Postby Tillmann » July 5th, 2012, 3:27 pm

Just found this joke article^^


Saga tour while Sadler fiddles

Written by Charlie O'Mara

The ex-Saga frontman Michael Sadler has just spent $300,000 on a brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé Silhobbit.com can reveal.
Sadler fronted Canada’s best progrock band for 30 years before quitting the band after scooping a fortune on Canada’s Golden Maple Leaf Lottery.

Saga and Sadler tried to keep the lottery win a secret but it was leaked out to the press. The amount of cash he banked is thought to be less than 4 million Canadian dollars but since the win Sadler has been living a modest lifestyle with only a few extravagances including a helicopter, a boat, and shortbread biscuits.

Saga replaced their lottery winning frontman and are currently touring Europe with It Bites.

Meanwhile the talented multi-instrumentalist Michael Sadler has kept his fingers in the prog-pie by teaming up with musicians Shawn Gordon, Henning Pauly and Kurt Barabas. The band is called Psychic for Radio and the album State of Flux.

Their cover of Schools Out will suitably be available in June from i-tunes.

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